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Art and Music

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The  programme is listed below. It can also be downloaded here –  ARTS LIST

The online version below is updated to reflect changes to the programme. The downloadable version is not.

N.B. Stephen Hobbs will be the storyteller in place of Red Phoenix (Terrie Howey)
The Art and Music programme for 2019

Stony Stratford has a thriving arts scene. To celebrate this, Stony Open Gardens features art and music in many of the gardens.
To the best of our knowledge, the programme is correct, and we’ll do our best to make any changes we become aware of.
Whether you go to gardens for a specific act, or just happen upon some, we’re sure you’ll hear or see something you like.

Garden 1 – York House is the main Ticket Office and tearoom but don’t miss the rolling 30 to 40-minute slideshow capturing Stony Stratford and Wolverton people, places and events from Victorian times to not–so-long-ago. Come and spot your granny, or possibly yourself.

Made in Stony artisans will be displaying and selling their handmade arts and crafts. A percentage of sales will go to Willen Hospice.

Developmental. (Made in Stony) Unique handmade lamps created from discarded materials.

Suds. (Made in Stony) Vegan, handmade, cold processed, palm oil free, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, eczema-friendly, plastic free soap, shampoo bars and  more.

Miss Salvages. (Made in Stony) Unique handmade bird boxes, feeders and decorative items for the home and garden.  Created from salvaged materials.

Sam Burke Glass Art. (Made in Stony) Unique handcrafted glass art, Coasters, candle holders, bowls, decorations, vases, pictures and larger art pieces.


Stony Stratford Theatre Society 1pm

Stony Steppers 1.30 – 2pm

Queens Oak & Stony Steppers 2.30 – 3pm

Queens Oak 3.30 – 4pm


Junction 14 is a local Ladies Acapella chorus who sing in 4-part harmony. Sunday @1 pm

Stony Redcaps & Stony Greek dancers – 12 noon -12.30 pm

The Bard of Stony Stratford 2019  Mitchell Taylor our 9th Stony Bard represents the spirit of culture, creativity and community in the town.  He will perform from 4.30 pm both days as well as travelling to gardens with Red Phoenix.

Red Phoenix (Terrie Howey) is a local story teller. She creates magical, bespoke performances for all ages.
From 4.30 pm both days.


Garden 3 – 136 London Rd.  Saturday 3pm to 5 pm  –  Pat Nicholson and Monty Lynds aka Growing Old Disgracefully are an acoustic based duo who have been playing their own compositions plus a variety of songs from the rock, blues and folk songbooks, arranged in their own way, on and off for the past 40 years. Their repertoire includes both instrumentals and songs using a number of instruments including guitar, mandolin and harmonica

Sun 23rd Red Phoenix and The Bard (see details in the notes for Garden 1)
Garden 4 – 67 The Limes – Saturday 1pm to 3pm  –  Phil is a regular at the Vaults Bar where he sings accompanied by guitar and harmonica.  You might also remember him as a Street Performer “busking” around Stony and Central MK. Phil’s genre is 60’s & 70’s singing Beatles, Dylan and Donavan.

Stony Redcaps & Greek Dancers – Sunday 1-1.30 pm Please see details in the notes for Garden 1
Garden 6 – 4 Claremont Ave –  Saturday & Sunday Laurie Keck will be displaying his range of hand-built ceramics here. Most are produced by coiling, though some slab building is used. Most of his pieces are relevant to an outside setting and including water features, birds and statuary. The pieces are made using a variety of stoneware clays and are finished with both glazes and oxides. The main interest is in form and finish a quest still in infancy.

 Red Phoenix and The Bard (see details in the notes for Garden 1)

The Enigma Wind Quintet (oboe, flute, bassoon and horn) will play at 2pm and 3pm.
Garden 8 – 14 Claremont Ave  –  Sunday 12noon – 1pm  –  Clive Williams and Clive Barrett play a mixture of traditional and contemporary tunes from a range of genres chosen because they both like them. For the Open Gardens event they will play melodeon and mandolin or guitar.
Garden 9  –  16 Claremont Ave  –  Saturday and Sunday.  There will be an exhibition of heraldic painted shields by local artist Peter Osborne. The shields celebrated the 800th anniversary of Queen Eleanor in 1990.

Melanie Watts. Made in Stony mosaic artisan Melanie creates mosaics for public art and commission which enhance spaces with their stunning themes and beautiful material. Inspired by our environment she creates mosaics in beautiful, weather resistant materials to bring attention to protected and declining species. Her work is a reminder of our stunning and fragile environment.

Garden 10 – 69 Milford Avenue will be selling plants on both days.

Garden 11  –  14 The Gorricks  –    Open Sunday only.  Phil – Please see details in the notes for garden 4

Sunday 1- 3pm  –  Red Phoenix and The Bard TBA – Please see details in the notes for garden 1
Garden 12  –  11 Crosshills – There will be a display of works of art in the garden
Garden 13  –  32 Park Ave  –  Saturday 3.45pm – Andy Powell is well known to the Stony Stratford community, you will often see him playing his music in the Vaults Sunday He also plays in several local bands, his main being Palmerston who are well known for touring the festivals. When he is on his own, you can expect a wide range of music, rock, pop, folk and country utilising his banjo, guitar and harmonica skills.
Sun 23rd – Red Phoenix and The Bard – Please see details in the notes for garden 1
Garden 14  –  16 Calverton Road  –  Saturday & Sunday – Listen out for recorded music of the twenties and thirties coming from the summerhouse at the back of the garden. Featured will be music from jazz greats including Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong.
Garden 15  –  1 Calverton Road  –  Saturday & SundayErin Taft Jewellery (Made in Stony). Erin’s jewellery is inspired by nature’s hidden treasures. Her work incorporates textures, granulation, reticulation and found objects that can adorn the body.

The Bard Please see details in the notes for garden 1

Sunday 1pm – St Mary’s & St Giles School Band were founded in 2000. It is an enthusiastic amateur group, called a ‘band’ simply because we do not fit into any particular category and are a ‘happy band of players’!  We enjoy making music together and there is a great emphasis on fun and sharing music for the enjoyment of others.
Garden 16. 12 Market Sq.  –  Saturday   –  Anne Tinning (Made in Stony) designs and crafts jewellery and makes one-of-a-kind pieces often with special stories and special meanings, many with nature in mind.

Chris Allin 2 – 4 pm  – Chris has been strumming and singing around the gardens of Europe for many years!! His material includes songs from the 60s/70s which you can hum to, sing to or even swing to.

Red Phoenix and The Bard. Please see details in the notes for garden 1

Sunday 3PM Paul Martin  (of The Cock and Bull Band) Jane Heany & Tom Maxwell will perform a selection of acoustic tunes during the afternoon.

Gardens 17,18,19 –  32, 34 & 36 Church St.  –  Saturday & Sunday Noon to 5pm  

Ian, Irene & Louise aka TC3 perform a set of easy listening pop, country & folk songs in close harmony and acoustic guitar played at its finest. Stony Open Gardens is one of the highlights of the year for these local entertainers and they are looking forward to playing once again in Church Street. and
Garden 20 – 127b High St.  –  Sunday – 2pm-4pm.  Stony Stratford Fiddle Club is a group of musicians who have become friends over time and who play tunes from the English, Irish, American and French folk genres although they would be happy to play tunes from any country if they liked the tune enough. The current 8 members mainly play fiddle but some are multi instrumentalists. Andrew- 07790 225095.

Red Phoenix and The Bard – Saturday  –  Please see details in the notes for garden 1.

Garden 21 – 129 High Street On Saturday only12 to 5pm there will be easy listening background musics played.
Garden 22  – 147 High St Saturday & Sunday  –  Matthew Thorogood  –  Matthew is a wood carver who burns designs on wood and makes lifelike birds with chainsaw carvings
Sunday 2pm  –  The Reluctants (front garden)  –  A women’s singing group whose repertoire ranges from the Andrews Sisters to Bob Dylan, challenging but fun. They all contribute ideas about which songs they perform. Originally shy to perform they have kept the name they chose initially!
Garden 23 – 151 High Street
Saturday –  Andy Powell – 
12:30 pm – 1.15  –  Please see details in the notes for garden 13.
Kirsty & the Beat Keepers – 1.30 – 2;15
3 – 5 Tom Gulliver (exact times to be confirmed)

Sunday – The Reluctants – 2.30 Please see details in the notes for garden 22
Pat (The Hat) Nicholson -12,30 – 1.15
Andy Fenton & Ian Anderson 3 – 5
Garden 24 North End Pond  –  Saturday  –  Red Phoenix and The Bard (see details in the notes for Garden 1)
Garden 25 – 16 Vicarage Road  –  Saturday & Sunday  –  Barry Blake (Made in Stony) Fine Art Painter


Garden 26 – 2 Vicarage Road

Saturday –  Once a Fortnight are Laura Featherstone, Wendy Morsley and Craig McLeish. The trio sing a variety of acoustic roots, american, vintage pop, country and occasionally a capella music, developing a 3 part harmony sound which has received praise from some of Stony Stratford’s most respected musicians. They will be playing throughout the afternoon

Sunday 2-4 pm – Milton Keynes Youth Choir was founded in 1997 by members of the MK Chorale. They are an auditioned choir for upper voices between ages 8 and 18 and have been guided by their fabulous MD Craig McLeish since 2010. The choir performs a wide range of both classical, jazz and popular music and have recently won distinction and 1st place in both their categories at the MK Festival of the Arts.
Garden 29 – 18 Kingston Avenue –  Andy Powell – Saturday 1.45 pm –   Please see details in the notes for garden 13.

  3pm to 3:20 pm  –  Andrea Furlan  –   Andrea is a professional, bespoke didgeridoo designer/player. His style is called Techno-trance which is an extremely precise and fast technique, both rhythmical and percussive.

3:30 pm – 5 pm  –  Growing Old Disgracefully (G.O.D) Please see details in the notes for garden 3
Garden 30 – Jesuan House, London Rd.  – Saturday 2-4 pm  – Stony Stratford Fiddle Club  –  Please see details in the notes for garden 20.
Garden 31 – 110 Clarence Rd.  –  Saturday – Red Phoenix and The Bard –  Please see details in the notes for garden 1

Sunday from 2 pm –  Harpist – University student, Kelsey, fell in love with the angelic sound of the harp when she heard it being played 10 years ago. She started playing and loves the joy and elegance of the instrument. Kelsey enjoys coming back to play in a beautiful garden and supporting Willen Hospice.
Garden 32 112 Clarence Rd. –  Saturday 1-4 pm Nicky Hunter.  –  Stony Stratford based, international selling, textile designer and professional artist Nicky specialises in loose and lively watercolour florals. You can see her limited edition signed prints in Skills art shop and cards at On the High Street.  You can even join her for watercolour painting classes locally. Don’t miss her demonstrations!

Sunday 3pm 3:20  –  Andrea Furlan Please see details in the notes for garden 1